Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Product Review || Sweet Harvest Homestead

Welcome to my very first product review!! Today I am reviewing the bar soaps from Sweet Harvest Homestead. This company is run by Lindy Sellers, and everything she sells is handmade by her. I have to say that I don't usually go for bar soap, but I'm a sucker for scents!! So I decided to pick up three from Ms. Lindy's booth at our Scout Christmas Party.  

Left to right: Beneath the Stars, French Vanilla Pear, Ginger Lime

French Vanilla Pear reminds me of the Twilight Woods scent from Bath and Body Works, but lighter. This soap smells *so* delicious!! The juicy pear scent is wonderfully balanced out by the notes of vanilla. It's definitely a more fall/winter scent, but I'll probably use it all year.

Ginger Lime is not only a happy smell, but it also has a happy look. It's colored in such a way to match the scents of ginger and lime. This soap is refreshing and pretty to look at, which is why I picked it up.

Last, but certainly not least, is Beneath the Stars. I'm just going to say straight off that I picked this one because of the design. It reminds me of Van Gogh's Starry Night painting, which is my absolute favorite painting of all time!! Not only does it look beautiful, but it smells beautiful too!! This soap is scented with rose and jasmine which makes for a beautiful combination.

So that is all for my review of the Sweet Harvest Homestead's soaps!! I encourage every one of you to buy at least one bar to try. Mrs. Lindy has so many more scents, one for every mood. Her website is, so go check it out!!

Much love (and scented soap!!)